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Thank you for visiting darack.com, the resource to my work as a fiction and nonfiction book and book series author, magazine feature article writer, and a globally-published photographer. I've authored five books, including the critically-acclaimed VICTORY POINT (Penguin Publishing, New York), written hundreds of feature articles for a broad range of publications, and have had thousands of my photographic images published in all forms of visual media globally.
I'm currently focused on a number of great new book projects, including THE FINAL MISSION OF EXTORTION 17, which will be published by Smithsonian Books with Penguin Random House on September 19, 2017. Visit this site's Books and Upcoming sections for the latest. I'm very excited to get these titles into the hands of readers throughout the world. See this site's Media page to arrange an interview or for more information about my books and projects.
I'm also currently writing a number of very exciting and intriguing feature Articles.
I continue to pursue exciting and innovative photography concepts for magazines as well as agencies that represent my imagery. You can view and license my imagery through SuperStock.
I offer high-quality prints of my imagery for both individuals and organizations. Please visit this site's Prints section for more information.
— Ed Darack